Ch. Jewelhope Pyrat XO   " Pyrat "

NL  &  VDH Champion - DRC Club Champion

NL-JCH. , Belgian Junior Champion, Lux.JCH.

VDH European Junior Winner


Geboren: 01-02-2018



ED: 0-0

Ogen : Clear ECVO 24-01-2024

GR-PRA-1 : Vrij - Clear 

GR-PRA-2: Vrij - Clear

rcd4-PRA: Vrij - Clear

Ichthyosis : Vrij - Clear


 Cruft Qualification 2020


Dummy C  




Netherlands :  3 x  JCAC , 1 Res.CAC KCM  , 4 Res.CAC, 1 Res.CACIB

België :            3 x Junior CAC 

Duitsland :      1 Anw.Dt.Jug.Ch.VDH, 7 Anw.Dt.Ch.VDH, 3 Res.Anw.Dt.Ch.VDH, 2 x CAC GRC, 3 x CAC DRC., 1 Res.CAC GRC , 1 Res.CAC DRC

Luxemburg:    1 JCAC


Kampioenschapsclubmatch GRV 2022.  Reserve Reu.


23-06-2019 GRV Champion Club Show - 1 Excellent Junior Dog Class 



februari 2019

    Sh. Ch.Lochtaymor King of Diamonds
  Ch. Ramchaine Snap to Jako's  
   HD: A-A  ED: 0-0  Sh.Ch. Remington Requisite of Ramchaine
Ch. Rossmix After Rain Comes Sunshine    
 HD: A-A  ED: 0-0   Stanroph Say Hi to Rossmix
  Ch. Rossmix Sunshine in the Rain  
    Rossmix Too Late
    Tenfield Sea Biscuit

Int. Ch. Amilone The Laird to Hareswith

HD: A  ED: O

    Amilone Betty Boop

Ch. Bojangels It Must Have Been Love

HD: A-A  ED: 0-0


Albacante d'Escolore

HD: A  ED: 0


Bojangels Enchantment

HD: A  ED: O


Bluebell de Hareswith


                    Vader: Rossmix After Rain Comes Sunshine

                      Moeder: Bojangels It Must Have Been Love

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